Air Namibia’s significant role is creating air transport linkages between Namibia and the world. This role is instrumental in the attraction of tourism and business traffic to Namibia. Hence, Air Namibia remains the best provider of air transport into and out of Namibia, as well as between key towns and cities within Namibia (Walvis Bay, Ondagwa, Rundu and Katima Mulilo).


Southern Africa: Our coverage of Southern African cities is comprehensive, with direct Air Namibia flights operated between Windhoek and Walvis Bay, Lusaka, Victoria Falls, Cape Town, Johannesburg and Luanda; with a clear sight of expanding our route network to include other Southern African destinations in the next 12 months.

Our flights between Windhoek and Luanda offer convenient connecting times and competitive fares via Windhoek to Cape Town, Johannesburg and Frankfurt. This provides our Luanda passengers optimum travel ease connecting to Johannesburg, cape Town, as well as to Frankfurt via Windhoek.Air Namibia - Come on Board

Africa: Air Namibia affords our clients access and travel solutions, through partner airlines, to more African destinations from Windhoek via Johannesburg to Nairobi, Harare, Mauritius, Lilongwe, George, Port Elizabeth and Durban. Our clients from Southern Africa going via Accra get convenient and seemliness connections into Lagos and Abidjan.

Europe: The flagship route into Europe, on flights between Windhoek and Frankfurt enables passengers from Namibia to go further than Frankfurt into the rest of Europe. Flights beyond Frankfurt are operated by partner airlines offering our clients convenient connecting times to key cities such as London, Paris, Rome, Milan, Lisbon, Helsinki, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Kiev, Innsbruck Oslo, Warsaw, Moscow, Baltics, Prague, Budapest.

Europe – Added Services: Flights from Europe into Windhoek also offer a number of magnificent connections via Windhoek to Walvis Bay, Victoria Falls, Cape Town, Johannesburg and Luanda with a clear sight of expanding our route network to include other Southern African destinations

USA: Air Namibia affords our clients various departure points for passengers flying to the United States of America (USA). Our agreements with our partner airlines opens up North America with Atlanta New York, Detroit as entry points. These service points into the USA are available from Windhoek via Frankfurt, via Accra and via Johannesburg.

Our route network and offering, whether operated by us directly or in conjunction with our partner airlines, is designed to optimize the creation and provision of air linkages to a vast class of travellers who travel for different purposes, be it for business, leisure (tourism), sports or visiting friends and relatives.

Air Namibia Business ClassOur emphasis is in ensuring that our passengers are treated with the highest level of courtesy and respect, served with our friendly, and warm Namibian hospitality. We treat our passengers as pampered guests from the moment they embark to the moment they disembark. Clients get the best Value for money: Our fares are very competitive and one of the best you get when travelling our routes. Complimentary and free baggage allowance is our generous added service to our passengers.

Safety is our cornerstone and at the centre of everything we do, making sure we comply with all regulatory and environmental requirements and laws. We are committed to providing all our stakeholders and passengers, the highest level of safety and comfort. Our entire fleet is serviced by some of the most advanced technical teams in the industry, with a safety record second to none.