Air Namibia (Pty) Limited is a proprietary limited company incorporated in accordance with the Company’s Act. Air Namibia is the national airline of the Republic of Namibia, with the Government of Namibia as its sole Shareholder.

The company’s business operations primarily involve provision of air transport services for passengers and cargo. Through its subsidiary company, Air Namibia Ground Handling (Pty) Limited, it provides ground handling services for passengers and aircraft at Windhoek’s Hosea Kutako International Airport.

The airline is positioned as a niche carrier serving domestic points within Namibia, the immediate regional markets of South Africa, Zimbabwe, Angola, Zambia and Botswana. The airline also serves the entire European network through Frankfurt.

Air Namibia’s mandate was determined by its Shareholder, the Government of the Republic of Namibia represented by the Ministry of Works and Transport, to be a major contributor towards the attraction and promotion of tourism, as well as promotion and facilitation of trade to Namibia by providing air and cargo transport services between Namibia and other countries, as well as by operating flights within the boundaries of Namibia.

Since its inception, Air Namibia makes a positive net economic (value) contribution to the national economy, in line with its mandate. Net economic gain is defined as the gross value that visitors carried into the country by the airline contribute to the economy, less the cost of Government support to the airline. Net economic gain also includes the impact that Air Namibia has on employment in Namibia. The value added is measured in terms of contribution to “Gross Domestic Product (GDP)” and employment.

Contribution to GDP comes in the form of visitor expenditure and the airline’s own expenditure in the Namibian economy through procurement of goods and services, as well as related jobs created in resorts and general supporting industries. The Namibian Tourism sector, in which Air Namibia is a key and major player, is the country’s third largest contributor to “Gross Domestic Product (GDP)”.

Acting Managing Director

Acting Managing DirectorAdvocate Mandi E.P. Samson joined Air Namibia on 12 August 2015
in the capacity of Acting Managing Director.

Advocate Samson, holds a B. Juris Degree (University of Namibia), LLB (Hons) ( University of Cape Town), Master of Law in International Air & Space Law (LLM) Cum Laude (Leiden University), Master of Business Administration (MBA) (Commonwealth Open University) and is completing a Doctorate in Philosophy (PHD) in Air Transport with Leiden University.

Advocate Samson previously served in the Office of Attorney-General of Namibia, and gave advisory services as a Member of the Committee negotiating the Bilateral Air Service Agreements. She later worked as General Manager: Corporate and Legal Services at Namibia Airports Company (NAC).

She also served as the Chairperson of the Board of Trustees of the Government Institutions Pensions Fund (GIPF). She was previously a Commissioner of the Law Reform and Development Commission (LRDC), Member of the Cabinet appointed Task Team on the De Beers Sales Agreement, Member of the Government Negotiating Team (GNT) on the Orange River and Maritime Boundaries, as well as a member of the Committee Evaluating Applications for Fishing Rights of Exploitation.
Advocate Samson serves on the Board of Epangelo Mining Company (Pty), Epangelo Husab (Pty) Ltd and Epangelo Gold (Pty) Ltd, as well as, Commissioner of the Minerals Ancillary Rights Commission (MARC).

In the area of aviation, Advocate Samson assisted the Southern African Development Community (SADC) in developing and drafting the ‘Common Regulations of Competition of Air Transport Services’ within the common market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA), the East African Community (EAC) and the Southern African Development Community (SADC).

“She also assisted SADC on the drawing up of the “Guidelines, Provisions and Procedures for the Implementation of Air Transport competition with COMESA, EAC, and SADC.

“More recently, Advocate Samson was a Consultant to the African Union tasked with drafting the “Regulations of Competition for Air Transport in Africa and Arbitration Procedures”.

Corporate Governance

The Board of Directors and Management of Air Namibia are responsible for ensuring that Air Namibia has an appropriate corporate governance structure that ensures the creation, protection and enhancement of shareholder value.

To this end, A Code of Business Conduct and Ethics Policy as well as a Fraud Prevention Policy and Response Plan were adopted. These policies in a nutshell articulates Air Namibia’s culture with regard to conducting business in a legal, ethical, transparent and moral way that is geared towards ultimately establishing an organizational culture that advocates zero tolerance for fraud and corruption.

One of the strategies management has adopted in terms of fostering a culture of zero tolerance for fraud and corruption was to create an avenue through which all our stakeholders are encouraged to report cases of suspected fraud or deeds of suspected corruption anonymously without fear of reprisal from those responsible for the irregularities

Air Namibia therefore, encourages our flying passengers, other customers, our trading partners and members of the public to report fraud to any member of Management and/or the Managing Director, or, alternatively, to make use of the available mediums of reporting to lodge any irregularity that may be committed against the company, our passengers and or other trading partners to the following reporting avenues.

FRAUD HOTLINE: 0800 66 66 66
Or to drop a note of the alleged irregularity in one of our Fraud Boxes, known as Fraud Black Box, installed at the main airports from where Air Namibia conducts its business.