Excess Baggage Charges

All routes Piece Concept

Baggage weighing more than 23kg but not above 32kg is charged as indicated below or equivalent in local currency applies

For each extra piece not exceeding the maximum allowed weight and size, charge as indicated below, or equivalent in local currency applies

NB: Bags above 32kgs have to be forwarded as freight ( Cargo ) 


  •  All excess baggage must be assessed and charged for, prior to the boarding of the aircraft. Excess weight charges can also be paid for the entire journey to the final destination, or to the next point of transfer or stopover.   Rates for Weight Concept:Baggage in excess of the checked baggage allowance charges apply at 1.5% per kg of the highest Air Namibia normal direct adult one way economy class fare.
  •  in effect on the date of issuance of the excess baggage ticket
  •  in the direction of travel
  •  from the point for which the checked baggage allowance is exceeded to the first point at which the baggage is collected.
  • For all tickets a maximum travel weight of 32 kg per item of baggage applies, irrespective of service class. 
    Items of baggage which exceed these weights will not be accepted as travel baggage. They can be sent by air cargo at air cargo rates.
All routes Piece Concept Prices
1st piece at no more than 23kg2 pieces at no more than 23 kg each 1 piece weighing more than 23kg but not above 32kg2 pieces weighing more than 23kg each but not above 46kg in totalAny Additional Piece
(up to 32kg pp)
To / From Frankfurt ( FRA ) FREEUSD 150
NAD 1275
USD 200
NAD 1700
To / From Accra ( ACC ) & Lagon ( LOS ) FREEFREEUSD 80
NAD 680
USD 150
NAD 1275
NAD 765
USD 110
NAD 935
ERJ 135 operated flights ( LUN, HRE, VFA, MUB )FREEUSD 90
NAD 765
USD 110
NAD 935
Domestic ( within Namibia ) FREEUSD 50
NAD 425
USD 100
NAD 850